They May Not Tell You

Men have an affinity for sports. In any sporting activity, spectators tend to cheer the team they support, others remain silent and pray silently for the success of their team.

Amazingly, the spectators of both teams tend to commend, cheer or appreciate any extraordinary skill displayed in the course of the game.

So, do not say to yourself, that you work hard and it is not noticed.
Do not murmur about your extraordinary skills and abilities that are not seen, especially when you think others have the endorsements and you do not.

Remember that there are “scouts” who you may have touched, and who in their silence, pray for you to succeed.
They may not tell you that you are a genius, but deep inside, they know you are!

Remember, that in the midst of huge cheers confusion and complacency may come.
You are not retrogressing. You are progressing and soon, it will be evident!

Inspiring minds positively.

About the author

Benjamin Asamoah

Benjamin Asamoah is the founder of Positive Minds Network; a leadership foundation that seeks to create in its members a sense of ability. He has spoken of several platforms. He is the author of two books; One Second, One Chance and One Opportunity. He has teaching experience, and is one of the four founding teachers of a school in Ghana; where he is based. He is banker by profession.

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