Seek more!

Sometimes we as humans dwell on past glories, we become comfortable with few steps we took ahead and the comfort there off.

You may have launched an idea of the moment and nations sing your name.

Kudos! However, I need you to ask yourself whether your visions and achievements will outlive you; whether your visions will bow to the status quo or soar above the skies.

It is not exactly your achievements today, for hunters do not hunt at the same place for decades.  You have to move out of your comfort zone, think ahead of your present achievements and make more wilder dreams realities.

Leave the praises for the first time achievers, think ahead and be more fruitful; for when we die, we shall account for every single thing we did with our lives!!

About the author

Benjamin Asamoah

Benjamin Asamoah is the founder of Positive Minds Network; a leadership foundation that seeks to create in its members a sense of ability. He has spoken of several platforms. He is the author of two books; One Second, One Chance and One Opportunity. He has teaching experience, and is one of the four founding teachers of a school in Ghana; where he is based. He is banker by profession.

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