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    IEC/CSA/UL Accessibility Probes(Probe Pin)

    source:AUTOSTRONGwriter:AUTOSTRONGpopularity:pubdate:2019-08-05 17:13【big middel small

    We offer a wide range accessibility probes (probe pin) and many of them are in stock.

    Accessibility Probes Series
    CSA C22.2 No12 Fig.1 EN18386 IEC60598-1 cl... 8.2.1 UL1310
    IEC61032 Fig.1 IEC61032 Fig. 2 UL1310 Fig 16.4(S3252)
    IEC61032 Fig. 3 IEC61032 Fig. 4 UL1278 Fig. 8.3,
    IEC61032 Fig. 5 IEC61032 Fig. 6 UL1278 Fig. 8.4
    IEC61032 Fig. 7 IEC61032 Fig.8 /I08A / IS: 5790-1985
    cl. no. 8.101, figure no. 101
    UL1278 Fig 8.1(PA130A)
    IEC61032 Fig. 9 IEC61032 Fig. 10 UL1278 Fig 8.2(PA140A)         
    IEC61032 Fig. 11 IEC61032 Fig. 12 UL1278 Fi 9.1(PA160),
    IEC61032 Fig. 13 IEC61032 Fig. 14 UL1278 Fig  10.1
    IEC61032 Fig. 15 IEC61032 Fig. 16 UL1278 Fig 10.2       
    IEC61032 Fig.17 IEC60335.1 cl. 3.6.3  UL1278 Fig 10.3
    IEC60335-1 cl. 20.2 IEC60335-2-14 cl. 20.2 UL1278 fig 10.4
    IEC60335.1 cl. 8.1.3 IEC60335-2-24 cl. 21.102;  UL507 Fig 9.2
    IEC60335-2-25 cl. 22.105 IEC60335 Fig. 7  UL507 Fig 9.2(PA160B)  
    IEC60335-2-24 Fig. 102 IEC60529 Probe A /B/C/D UL507 Fig 8.2(S2140)
    IEC60950 Fig. 2A IEC60950 Fig. 2B UL507 Fig 9.1(PA135A)
    IEC60950 Fig. 2C UL60950 Fig  NAF.2 e  NAF.3 UL982 Fig7.1,
    IEC60065 Fig. 4 IEC60065 Fig. 8;       UL982 Fig 58.2
    IEC60065 Fig. 6 IEC60065 cl. 9.1.3;        UL499 Fig 6.48.2(PA170B)
    IEC60884 Fig. 9 IEC60884 Fig. 10;      IEC60598-2-20 cl. 22.11.2