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    Glow Wire Test Equipment Installation Conditions

    source:AUTOSTRONGwriter:AUTOSTRONGpopularity:pubdate:2019-03-26 17:52【big middel small

    Glow Wire Test Equipment is strictly designed and manufactured according to IEC60695 and GB5169 standard ,
    it can simultaneously satisfy the requirements of the relevant standards integrated test device.It is mainly used to
    simulate the hot element or overload of the resistor or the like heat or ignition source in a short period of time caused
    by thermal stress.It appliance to the fire hazard testing of electrical and electronic products , household appliances and
    materials,also for the flameless ignition source fire tests,and to determine the relevant material glow-wire ignition
    temperature and flammability , flame index.

    Glow Wire Test Equipment Technical Parameters:
    Pressure Limiting Depth 7±0.5mm
    U-Type Head Standard IEC60695-2-10:2013
    Temperature Testing MAX 1050°C   ±0.1%
    Thermocouple RS(England)K-Type Φ0.5 Accuracy ±0.05%
    Car Speed 18±3mm/s
    Sample Pressure 0.95±0.1N
    Support Sample Max Size:80X25X300mm Min Size:8X10X0.1  Weight < 2kg
    Cabinet Capacity >0.5m3
    Glow Wire Test Equipment Installation Conditions:
    1).The devices need to be installed on the Table-board and fume hood;
    2).Table-board Min size:1400mmX800mmX(600-800)mm(Lx W x H);
    3).Equipment outside dimensions:1100mmX700mmX1300mm(L x W x H);
    4).Installed away from the wall:>200mm;
    5).Exhaust pipe diameter:100mm;
    6).Recommended table height:600-800mm convenient operation;
    7).Test room should be installed quite independent and also have exhaust systems and fire-fighting equipment;