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    Address:4F, I Building, Huafeng High Tech Industry Zone, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shen Zhen City,P.R.China. Zip Code:518104

    Vessel for Testing Induction Hob Elements [ 2020-03-20 ]
    VesselforTestingInductionHobElements(IEC60335-2-6-2008) 1)Onesetwith5pieces 2)Diameter:110mm,145mm,180mm, 220mm,300mm. 3)Thickness:2mm0.5mm 4)Material:Lowcarbonsteel VesselforTestingInductionHobElements(IEC60335-2-6-2014) 1)Onesetwith5piece...
    IEC60950 Test Probe Kits [ 2019-11-07 ]
    Accessibility Test Probe Kits UL IEC EN 60950 (AUTO-TPK1),which contains the devices listed in the core of the UL / IEC / EN 60950 requirements. It includes the following: Model Probe Name AUTO-B IEC Jointed Finger Probe (w/ banana jack in...
    Mechanical Strength Tester [ 2019-10-16 ]
    Mechanical Strength Tester Product List: Model Product Name AUTO-IK-H IK impact Testing Machine/ Pendulum Impact Device AUTO-IK-L IK impact Testing Machine/ Pendulum Impact Test Device AUTO-102/103/106 Spring Operated Impact Hammer AUTO-CJ...
    Household Safety Appliances Test Equipment [ 2019-10-15 ]
    Household Safety Appliances Test Equipment List Model Product Name AUTO-WD Household Safety Appliances Test Equipment AUTO-CSJ Black Test Corner AUTO-LJ Socket outlet torque balance tester AUTO-ST2 Scratch Resistance Tester AUTO-SJZ Automat...
    Test Probe A Operation Manual [ 2019-09-18 ]
    1. Introduction: This Test Sphere Probe is designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC61032, IEC60529, IEC60065 and GB4208 standards requirements. It simulate human hand in the IP protection test and mainly used in the figure one and a...
    IEC /EN /UL 60601 Test Probe Kit [ 2019-09-17 ]
    Several different kinds accessibility probe kits are available for specific standards. Test Probe Kits offer substantial cost savings, not to mention added convenience and portability. our AUTO-TPK2 contains the devices listed in the core o...
    New Product Battery Crush tester [ 2019-08-12 ]
    Model:AUTO-8101 Application: Battery Crush tester is AUTOSTRONG company newly designed machine, designed with purpose of space and cost saving.This machine applied for various battery simulate when handling the waste been crushed condition....
    IEC/CSA/UL Accessibility Probes(Probe Pin) [ 2019-08-05 ]
    Weoffer a wide range accessibility probes (probe pin) and many of them are instock. Accessibility Probes Series CSA C22.2 No12 Fig.1 EN18386 IEC60598-1 cl... 8.2.1 UL1310 IEC61032 Fig.1 IEC61032 Fig. 2 UL1310 Fig 16.4(S3252) IEC61032 Fig. 3...
    Material Flame Test Machine List [ 2019-07-30 ]
    Material Flame Test Machine List Product Name Model Glow Wire Test Apparatus AUTO-ZRSA Tracking Index Test Apparatus AUTO-LDA Hot Wire Ignition Tester AUTO-FRS Hot Oil Flaming Tester AUTO-FZRY Horizontal and Vertical Burning Tester AUTO-SPA...
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