Look Away!

It is believed that sometimes humans get angry because of acts done in their presence, and or words spoken to them .

This has been and will continue to be one of the easiest ways to get your destiny thwarted.

How many times have you kept bitterness in your heart because of someone’s utterances.

How many opportunities have you missed because the person you would refer to as an enemy was part of the crew?

How many times have you erred because you were angry?

As long as this natural world exists, elements of anger will never fade so look away when wrath is stirred in front of you.

Look away when it is left at your door steps and look away when it is packaged as a token to you at your workplace.

Remember to live at peace with all men and find peace in your heart!

Inspiring Minds Positively.

About the author

Benjamin Asamoah

Benjamin Asamoah is the founder of Positive Minds Network; a leadership foundation that seeks to create in its members a sense of ability. He has spoken of several platforms. He is the author of two books; One Second, One Chance and One Opportunity. He has teaching experience, and is one of the four founding teachers of a school in Ghana; where he is based. He is banker by profession.

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