Keep Moving

There comes a time when a man feels he has no direction, no shields, nothing to hold his sanity together, and even his brain becomes insecure.

These are moments of hell, moments of disgrace, moments of unpardonable mistakes and moments of calvary.  But in all these, life must still go on.

Love may empty it’s sack, and make you aware that forever you cannot find it. The odds will squirm at your unwavering strides.

At this stage where all is seemingly lost, turn around and smile softly. Gather strength and believe that someday, all will be fine.

Your story shall be heard on mountain tops and in the depths of the sea, be heard across the length and breath of nations because you did not wallow in your struggles.

Shake yourself, put a smile on and get back to work for there is more to do!


About the author

Benjamin Asamoah

Benjamin Asamoah is the founder of Positive Minds Network; a leadership foundation that seeks to create in its members a sense of ability. He has spoken of several platforms. He is the author of two books; One Second, One Chance and One Opportunity. He has teaching experience, and is one of the four founding teachers of a school in Ghana; where he is based. He is banker by profession.

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