We are looking for experts, authors and guest bloggers to provide our readers with practical, actionable, interesting points of views.

We are also looking for articles from people who have a story to tell; stories that offer practical advice, tips and lessons from which readers can learn.

Personal experience stories can sometimes be more powerful and meaningful than the advice received from an expert; as it offers hope to readers undergoing similar challenges.  Real people talking to real people.

If you are interested in writing a guest article please feel free to get in touch with your ideas. You can get in touch by the contact form or via email:

Topics that you can write about are;
  • How to live a happy and fulfilled life.
  • How to improve personal productivity and motivation.
  • Mental development
  • Education and personal development.
  • Topics related to self-improvement.
Points to help you;
  • People respond really well to “How To” guides and lists.
  • Keep your sentences short, sharp and to the point.
  • Your article should have fewer than 1500 words.
  • Include resources required to back-up specific claim.
  • Your sources must be reliable and educational.
  • Do not include a sales pitch and do not include sales links.
  • Please note we reserve the right to make amendments to your article.
  • The submitted article must be your own original work.
  • Promote your article.
  • Once published, we recommend that you to share via email, social media etc.
  • Include a photograph ( and biography of not more than 100 words.

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