Are Your Friends Holding You Back?

We all need a support system. We need other people who believe in us even when they have trouble believing in ourselves. We need people to share the good and the bad times. We need encouragement.

However, the key is to surround ourselves with the right people. Whilst our friends should be our loudest cheerleader, sometimes they aren’t. Ask yourself: Are your friends holding you back?

Here are three reasons why your friends might hold you back.

Fear They Might Lose You
The most common reason a friend would hold you back is the fear that they might lose you. If you go further in your career or find the love of your dreams you will have less time to spend with them. Therefore they will discourage you from pursuing your goals and dreams.

In some cases the motivation for preventing you from achieving your goals is jealousy. They relate to you the way you are and want to remain your equal. If you are about to get a big promotion or get married they become jealous. They want to keep you on equal terms.

Attempting to Protect You
In this case your friends really do mean well but they just aren’t helpful. They want to provide you reassurance so you feel good about yourself when really you need to take a close look in the mirror and make hard changes. If you are extremely overweight or in serious financial debt they may try to reassure you that everything is fine. In reality a true friend would be trying to get you the assistance you need to overcome your serious situation.

Whatever reasons your friends have for holding you back, once you realise that they are holding you back you owe it to yourself to move forward and achieve your goals. Create distance between you and them.

It can be very difficult distancing yourself from old friends you have stood by you in the past. But remember good friends do not hold you back; good friends encourage you and celebrate your success.
If your friend is thoughtful, they will surely notice the change in the relationship and hopefully assess why the relationship is falling apart.
With any luck, they might decide that you are too good a friend to lose and change their ways.

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Jacqueline Akakpo

Jacqueline believes that individuals have the power to make an enormous difference and is passionate about helping people achieve their potential. She had a varied career which includes working as a trainer, marketing professional and civil engineer. She has worked in the UK, Spain and Ghana. She is the founder of

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