5 Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Every human being needs to spend time alone. Time alone has benefits for both mind and body. These days a lot of people equate being alone with being lonely. However, being alone does not mean you will be lonely. Instead, you will find there are many benefits mentally and physically of having some quiet time for yourself.

The 5 benefits of spending time alone are:

1. Mind and Body Unwind
When people spend time alone they give their brain a chance to rest. They can get lost in their own thoughts or clear their mind of thoughts altogether. Being alone allows the brain to unwind. It also allows you to sit with your own thoughts and possibly learn about yourself. If you constantly have people talking to you, giving you their opinions on everything, you may not get to fully explore your own. Many people find they can make their own decisions when they are alone.


2. Find Solutions to Issues
People who are struggling with a problem are more likely to come up with a creative solution if they have some time to think about the issue alone and without distraction. This means not only spending time away from others but also spending time away from your mobile phone, laptop and other electronic devices.


3. Complete Tasks
For those trying to accomplish a task, being alone is likely to help improve their concentration. When we are around other people there are often distractions and interruptions, thus sometimes when we work alone we can get more work done in a shorter period of time.


4. Focus on Yourself
When you are with other people you are likely thinking about them and their needs. These thoughts may cause you to overlook your own needs. Being alone allows you to refocus on yourself.


5. Develop Stronger Relationships
Many people are surprised to learn that spending some time alone may help you develop stronger relationships with others. In your time alone you can learn what you enjoy and what you want in life. You can develop relationships with like-minded people.
Often people find they enjoy being with others once they have had some time alone. They look forward to the conversations and interactions.


About the author

Jacqueline Akakpo

Jacqueline believes that individuals have the power to make an enormous difference and is passionate about helping people achieve their potential. She had a varied career which includes working as a trainer, marketing professional and civil engineer. She has worked in the UK, Spain and Ghana. She is the founder of www.alessordinarylife.com

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